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Create a Pleasing Guestroom

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Guestroom Elements

Your guests want to be comfortable and feel secure in your guestrooms. They will want privacy from the outdoors and from other guests. Windows need to have privacy coverings on them. Many guests will appreciate room darkening window coverings if there is nighttime outdoor lighting as in urban settings, or east facing rooms that may get a blaze of morning sun.

Bedside lighting is important for getting in and out of bed, especially in an unfamiliar place. This lighting can be wall-mounted or on a table.

People are obsessed with their phones so provide an easy place for guests to plug in their phones near the bed. It can be as simple as an extension cord end that sits on the bedside table. Or choose from many “fancy” devices that will also work, but which can be pricey.

Elements of a guestroom that makes it comfortable:

Bed & Bedding – Choose a quality mattress. Then add a mattress cover, cotton sheets, a variety of bed pillows (firm and not so firm), quilt or coverlet, comforter and or extra blankets. Pattern should be minimized to keep the space looking fresh and professional.

Bedside Tables - Have a bedside table or flat surface, such as a wall mounted shelf, on each side of the bed where a person sleeps. Avoid a two person bed being pushed up against the wall. Bedside surface should be big enough to hold a beverage and a cellphone at a minimum. It is best to have a lamp on each side of the bed. The lamp could be wall mounted or a table top. Don’t make the mistake of having lamps that are too small. The lamps should be balanced in scale with the size of the table and the style of the headboard.

Accent Chair - A chair or a bench in the guestroom is nice. It offers a place for one to sit to put on socks and shoes. This is especially helpful for guestrooms that have beds that are much higher than the standard seat.

Luggage Rack – It is nice to have one or two luggage racks per guestroom.

Clothes Rack or Closet – Provide a place for hanging clothes and have attractive hangers. In spaces that don’t have an actual closet provide a garment rack that hold hangers.

Hooks – Hooks are great for everything from jackets, PJs, bags, purses, and towels. If you have space install many hooks.

Mirrors – Have a wall mirror in each guestroom. This is helpful for rentals that have shared bathrooms because people can do hair and makeup outside of the bathroom to free it up for others. A full-length mirror is helpful for rentals that host wedding parties, special events, or business professionals.

Chest for Clothes – A small chest or shelves it good for guests that like to unpack their suitcase when on vacation.

Window Coverings – There are so many choices and price points. Avoid the cheapest option, they will just look cheap. Avoid cords if you can. Nice options are a wide wood (or alternative wood) blinds because they offer privacy day and night. Mini-blinds are cheap and not stylish. Click here for window coverings post.

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