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Starting and managing a vacation rental is relatively easy. If you are at all unsure how to set-up and design your property consider working with me remotely to assist you as you create your vacation rental. Using good design principles, we will highlight your property's best features and maximize the space to accommodate the most guests possible to increase your nightly rate.


Being a vacation rental owner since 2005 has allowed me to experience the industry before all of the bells and whistles of technology.  That helped me form a system that was personalized and effective. Now that we have many technology options it is easier and faster to manage the paperwork side of the business and free us to expand marketing efforts and guest services.


As a professional home designer as my main occupation for over twenty years (in the design industry for thirty), I know how to make homes organized, unique, and beautiful. All of those elements are of the upmost importance in vacation rental design. Your property needs to stand out against the many other lodging options in the marketplace.


My vision is to create; not compete. When you focus on creating, your goal is to be the best you and your property can be; by utilizing your skill and talents, and highlighting the unique features of your property.


Consult with me via phone, emails, and / or in person. I can guide you with design, online listings, online reservation system / channel manager, and a website. Together we can make your property be a bright light in the vacation and short term market.

Get in touch, I would love talk with you about your vacation rental home vision and plans. 

~Julie Fergus

Julie Fergus vacation rental design consultant.
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