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Take Control of Your Vacation Rental Business


Learning to be successful in the Vacation Rental industry.

So you want to create a successful short-term / vacation rental. Good for you! You can do it. The purpose and goal of DIYVRBO is to provide you with content that will give you information to plan and manage  your vacation / short-term rental. (content uploads ongoing).

Two important things to know are that this is a people business and it does not have to be complicated. If you are new to the vacation rental industry you may believe that you need apps and special software to be successful. I can tell you with certainty that you don’t need either. If you want to know more about my journey in the VR industry click here. You will learn that I got started before Smart phones, apps, and VR software. You can certainly use apps and special software, but it is not required. What is required is attention to detail, organization, the willingness to keep learning and evolving, and understand that people (your guests) are unique. Some are strange, some are sloppy, some are OCD neat freaks, some are slobs, some are country-bumpkins, some are city-slickers, some are hard to please, and unfortunately some are scammers.


If you are not a Zen-master or if you have big chip on your shoulder (ego) you may struggle with guests that are different from you.  I want to point out that you really can’t control what people do in your rental (unless it is illegal). So you will have to learn empathy, patience, and acceptance. It may sound strange, but with over a decade of experience with multiple properties, I can tell you people come in all sorts of packages and you have to learn not to take honest feedback from guests personally. (Read about Ego here.)


What is important to you is not always important to your guests. What you think might be minor might be major to certain people. It is always best to stay simple. Be open, honest, and put your best efforts into this venture and you will have good results.

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