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Summer Rental Season After COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Travelers Want to Get Away

From my view in a summer resort area of New Hampshire, travelers are back. Once all of the cancellations were done, our places booked back up with travelers that are leaving the cities and driving instead of flying.

Potential guests are asking about our cleaning guidelines, and other precautions to deal with COVID-19. We are doing what we always have done, and more. Our cleaning protocol before the virus was thorough and professional. And we are still thorough and professional. We have changed up some products, added spray disinfectants, eliminated some items from properties. But all in all, for the traveler, the experience for them is still the same. Inform your potential guests so they feel comfortable booking with you.

Welcome Guests with Fresh Baked Cookies

On Facebook groups I saw owners post proudly about leaving welcome baskets with wipes and masks. I'm sorry that is not welcoming. We welcome all guests with a clean property that smells fresh and locally baked assortment of cookies.

Stock your property with wipes (if you can get them), sanitizers, bleach cleaners, etc. Most people have masks or they are readily available everywhere. But don't leave them as a welcome gift. Travelers want to get a break from the virus and start to feel normal.

In New Hampshire things are relatively back to normal as far as what's open. Restaurants are open with inside and outside seating. Travelers are happy about this, as are the locals. Upcoming guests have asked me about what is happening locally so that they can prepare. I'm sure they are asking you as well. So be prepared and know what is happening in your hosting area so that you can inform your guests.

As the fall approaches, I am being cautious and optimistic. I am no longer taking reservations a year out, and instead booking six months ahead at the most. As the vacation rental and travel industry is still uncertain I don't want to be in the position again of huge amount of refunds. I have learned that there are plenty of travelers that will book fairly last minute. So there is much opportunity to fill your calendar for peak season just before the season starts.

So let's offer guests cookies and clean properties so that they will want to continue to book vacation rentals into the future.

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