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Make Guests Feel Welcome

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Happy Birthday Cupcakes for Guests

Travelers have made an effort to book and travel to your property. Show appreciation for that by having something for them upon arrival. What you leave depends on if you can personally set this up, or if you have to rely on someone else to do it.

I am an advocate for personally managing vacation rentals and I set the scene upon arrival. In addition to lights on, and music playing at a low volume I leave locally baked treats for guests along with a note.

When guests arrive, I want them to immediate feel good and happy that they chose my property. I don't want any regrets or disappointment. Read this post for more information: How to Avoid Complaints and Guest Disappointment (

I choose seasonal items from local bakeries. When I know the special occasion, I will acknowledge that. For example, for a couple getting married I left a quality champagne. If check-in is on a day when my local bakery might not be open, I'll bake something and leave a printed recipe for guests. This is usually a hit.

Ideas for you if you don't have good bakeries in your area, consider local or area chocolates, local coffee, or regional specialties. I typically don't leave alcohol because what people drink, or don't drink is so personal. People may not eat sweets either, and that's okay. Guests can choose to toss the sweets, but at least the gesture has been made.

When local bakeries are busy swamped in the busy summer season, I will make blondies for guests. Kids and adults love these. They are simple and delicious. Nestle® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Land O’Lakes

I like to leave fresh flowers when possible.

I also have lights on and music playing. I want guests to walk into a warm and inviting space, not a dark place. These little touches are what set me apart from other properties that are managed by property management companies.

Put effort into your welcome. It is a thank you to guests for choosing your property above all others. You want guests to walk-in, feel welcomed, and make them smile. Sweet treats will likely make them smile. Choose wisely and make a great first impression.

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