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Make a Great First Impression, Twice

Whether online or in person, you must make a great first impression. Our online listings are the first place where guests see our hospitality and lodging amenities. What is the impression that you want to convey to potential guests?

Before you decide what you want to convey, first decide who your ideal guest is. Is it families; large or small? Suitable for friend gatherings? Cozy for just couples? Or do you want to attract larger groups? Then decide what amenities appeal to your ideal guests.

For me, I want to convey a relaxed decor that will welcome small families and dogs. Therefore, my opening photos need to highlight that.

Once the reservation is secured, you have to make a great first impression when your guest arrives at your property. Personalize your welcome note or greeting. A chalkboard is a cute way to say "hi!" to your new guest.

I highly recommend that lights are on, and music playing softly. I personally manage my property and prep for each guest's arrival. My process is the same every time. All of the lamps (not overhead lights) are turned on and all TVs are turned on so that I know they are all connected to the internet and working properly. The TV in the main living area is set to YouTube playing scenery with music. This is a great way to welcome guests.

My guests are greeted with a personalized printed note, baked sweet treats, and a binder pertaining to the property and local area.

All of these steps make the first impression. But I feel strongly that if a guest walks into a warm and inviting space that is exceeds their expectations, they will immediately be happy and relieved. It is the personal touches and inviting atmosphere that will make for a positive first impression in person.

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